Vision & Mission


Being a public company that dominates the market ” Cold Steel Bars and Pull ResultsHeat ” , through Customer Satisfaction , Continuous Improvement in Human Resources ,Product Quality and Production Process , and Enhancing Corporate Value for all Stakeholders Interests (Customers , Shareholders , Employees and Society).


  1. Carry out production planning processes mature and integrated with market demand.
  2. Implementing a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 : 2008, with oversight strict the type and quality of Raw Materials , Production and Process Compliance Quality Production.
  3. Implement Human Resource capacity building and implementing innovation new production techniques in order to improve productivity and efficiency.
  4. Have an efficient operating costs to increase profits for the company and the shareholder.


  1. Good service and Professionals (Good Service And Professional).
  2. Honest and Responsible (Honest And Responsibility).
  3. Full Commitment and Discipline (Discipline And Full Commitment).
  4. Smart and Prioritizing Work Safety (Smart Work And Safety).
  5. Open to innovation and continuous improvement (Open Mind And Continuous Improvement).
  6. Praying to God Almighty and Caring Work Environment (Pray For God And Always Care For Work Environment).
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