Cold Drawn Bars

Story Highlights

  • Manual Production Line (Bar To Bar)
  • Automatic Production Line (Coil To Bar)
  • Standart Chemical Composition Cold Drawn Bars ( CDB)
  • Mechanical Properties CDB

We have been making Cold Drawn Bars precisely right for our customers since 1981. Being the first manufacturer of Cold Drawn Bars in Indonesia, we provide true to shape and truly dedicated to top-quality standards of Cold Drawn Bars to our customers and partners.
Cold Drawn Bars are also called by various names depending on the geographical location such as Cold Finished Steel Bars, Bright Bars, Cold Drawn Shafting Steel Bars, or Shafting Bars; these names are all referring to the same item.

Benefits of using a Cold Drawn Bars are as follows:

  1. Cold Drawn Bars are drawn through a die resulting in a bright surface finish.
  2. Cold Drawn Bars has a lower size tolerance, more concentrated structure, and straightness as compared to Hot Rolled Steel Bars.
  3. Steel Bars undergone Cold Drawing also has increased yield and tensile strength.
  4. The Cold Drawing Process will also increase the efficiency machinability of the steel bars, which is very important to many downstream manufacturers.

We produce low carbon steel bars and medium carbon steel bars in different shapes: Round Bars, Square Bars, and Hexagonal Bars with variety of sizes ranging from 5mm – 75mm (1/4” – 3”). Special size is available on demand to suit the customer’s need. (More details on the sizing, length, for specific shapes below)

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