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A Brief History-Company Profile

"Since the last decade of the 20th century, PT Citra Tanamas has produced the most technologically advanced hot rolled bar steel in the industry"

PTCITRA TANAMAS was established in 1980 and has a history of being the pioneer of Steel manufacturing in producing Cold Drawn Steel Round Bars (CDB). We commenced our first Cold Drawn Bars (CDB) production in 1981 with capacity of only a few hundred metric tons per month. Through our excellent products quality, a committed super team and a reputation for giving only the best service to our customers, we managed to thrive.
As Indonesia’s booming economic growth and increasing demand for steel bars over the past few years, we began to improve our facilities by modernizing our primary machineries to increase our production capacity, further enhance our steel bars quality, and create a more competitive pricing power in order to fulfill the market demand and maintain our lead in the domestic steel industry.
In 1987, we established a new steel manufacturing mill to produce Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Round Bars (HRB) in order to increase our production efficiency and to support our core product, Cold Drawn Steel Round Bars.
In the early 2002, due to high demand from the forging industry for automotive parts to further increase our market penetration in the steel market, we began to market our hot rolled steel products directly to parts manufacturer. This gives the automotive parts makers a more cost efficient incoming material cost. Because we are able to consistently manufacture hot rolled carbon steel round bars and cold drawn carbon bright steel bars which are able to fulfill the stringent diameter, weight, and internal quality requirements by the parts maker for Japanese automotive industries.
At later years, due to the continuous high demand for our products, we have modernized and upgraded our Hot Rolling Mill Plant in 2005 with an automated and computerized controlled plant. Through our commitment of continuous innovation, in 2010 we increased our portfolio to produce Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Square Bars (SQB) for general purposes application.
In September 2008, We have certified both our Hot Rolled Bar and Cold Drawn Bar production process with ISO 9001:2008 Certification to ensure our manufacturing processes are performed to produce the highest quality and precise carbon steel bars in a well documented manner.
Our steel bars are manufactured through safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable processes to show our responsibility to care for the safety of our employees and to protect the environment for the future generation.
From 2010 until 2014, we have gradually increased our mill production capacity by modernizing with higher speed machineries for making Cold Drawn Steel Round Bars. As it currently stands, our production capacity in Cold Drawn Steel Round Bar (CDB) Mill and Hot Rolled Steel Round Bars (HRB) Mill are both running at 60,000 metric tons annually.
PT. Citra Tanamas’ Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Bars and Cold Drawn Steel Bars products are widely known and used for many applications in various industries such as nuts & bolts manufacturer, household accessories products, electrical appliances parts, automotive parts, parts maker, and many others manufacturing companies which require high precision and quality materials. We pride ourselves to be the best Cold Drawn Steel Bars and Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Bars manufacturer in Indonesia. We are committed to give our best service and price competitiveness to all of our customers without compromising on our quality. We firmly believe that a business must always be mutually beneficial and profitable to each other by providing additional value added to the downstream industries to make the world a better place.


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